ERIMA Hybrid Match Snow

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ERIMA Hybrid Match Snow

The ERIMA HYBRID MATCH SNOW is the perfect match ball for the winter. It is also easy to see in the snow and retains its match playing properties. The deep seams are also bonded, making it more resilient and so that no water is absorbed when it is raining. Thanks to the ABS valve and the high-quality bladder, the ball retains its round shape for as long as possible. Ideal for artificial turf and winter conditions.

Features at a glance

  • Top match ball with excellent playing properties, also perfect in the snow.
  • ABS valve/carbon-latex bladder with 8 wings
  • SPEEDCONTROL 20: Innovative ERIMA Panel Design
  • ERIMA Hybrid Technology
  • Minimal water absorption when raining
  • Ideal for artificial pitches


100 % Polyurethan (PU)

Detailed Product Info

Item Number: 7191902